relgions coexist in conflict sticker

While humans might be able to coexist, cults and religions come into being because they occupy some corner of what they perceive to be truth, and quite often a monopoly of truth– their very existence involves mutual exclusivity. This in itself is where some conflict rests, their uniqueness rests in being mutually dependent on each other as being false (or a shade of gray that sets them apart). The resultant conflict of “truths” might produce violence, or strictly vitriolic words and polemic diatribes about the borders of truth their respective ideologies reside within. The borders of truth may indeed be housed by a religion, but which one/s? And then what, subservience, obedience?

Religions have one thing going for them in that they are unique in recognizing where the conflicts over truth rests to set them apart from each other. Another thing they have in common is that all religions live in a 1% world where their conflict of interests with other religions rest, a conflict that makes religions 99% atheist against all other religions and cults. Some theists and atheists tolerate each other and coexist, but some do not. Tolerance is “an assumption of superiority,” and the impetus for more conflict, sometimes intractable.

Religions coexist in conflict.

The goal of this site is to widen the god of the gaps, and the gap between gods (and denominations) to help quell the growth of religions and conflict by calling all of them out on conflicts over truth. The goal is understanding, not tolerance; understanding the gap widening and “truths” until religions are commonly seen as nonsense is a more realistic means towards peace and coexistence via humanism, not the mayhem religions and cults have wrought over the 1%.

Religion is not the sole source of conflicts, and sometimes not at all, although those fighting or suffering the collateral damage may or may not be believers. Conflict can be healthy if it doesn’t come to blows, and helps flesh out differences and resolves debate. Stickers and words on websites aren’t likely to resolve much, but perhaps some people will find what they need to feel better, do good, and perhaps help distance themselves or someone else from conflict zones. Science, logic, and rationalism, in a word irreligion, may be schisms in themselves, but they are certainly an upstanding boycott, divestment, and gap-widening strategy to do good by conquering the schisms and oppression of theism, which is already greatly divided. To dumb all the above down, religions conflict because religion is dumb. Find out why on this site and the blogroll and webroll links.

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